About me

My name is Julio, 

I live in France and one of my big passions is 3D and 2D creations.

It goes from textures, to 3D models, to making some game on some 3D engine. Before doing computer graphics, i've done a lot of 2D drawing during my childwood, based on the marvel comics mainly. 

I create 2D and 3D art from some 10 years in my free time,  like you can see in my pages i can produce some good results.

What i would like would be to work in a real company instead of having my actual pure programming job.


I like also the good food, all things related to the nature, and sports like Tai Chi and some others related to relaxation (something i really need when you work on a programming job).



The main tools (with license) i use are :

  • Blender 2.49 and all versions above (Medium/Low poly modeling) for characters, levels, hard modeling stuff
  • 3D Coat 3.5 : Voxel modeling, Retopology, UV Mapping, Texturing
  • Gimp 2.0 : 2D texturing, 2D concepts , 2D texture tiles
  • Pixia 4 and above : 2D painting, textures
  • Silo 2 : Low / Medium solid poly modeling
  • Z Brush 4R2 : High poly Character modeling mainly
  • Unity 3D : mobile game creation or 3D real time model testing