As an independent 3D artist propose my service to anyone needing some 3D or 2D work.

2D work range : 

  • hand painted textures
  • photorealistic based textures
  • character and level concepts
  • 2D menus and HUD 

3D work range :

  • solid modeling :  from low poly to medium poly form characters, levels, 3D assets
  • High poly sculpting : mainly for characters 
  • Rigging and Animating : For any character or animated 3D assets (flags, doors ...)

Preview of the provided 3D work :

I use mainly Unity 3D engine , the advatantage is that you can see the final result in the engine under some web browser. So you can have some demo of the work i have done for you before some final agreemnt and payment.


3D Work service agreement and payment :

Tha main rule is that i offer my 2D and 3D services, if the project is one of the next types :

  •   mobile and PC game entertainment
  •   educationnal game
  •   3D simulations
  •   amateur projects or early commercial prototype project needing 2D or 3D stuff

I don't provide any service if the project contains one of these points :

  •  sexual adult content
  •  too much violent game (yep because there are already too much violence in today games based on war and other stuff, and i don't want to contribute to making another big violent game)
  •  racism or religion 


Before any agreement , we'll discuss by mail  about the nature of your needs and what i can provide in terms of :

  • price
  • time to propose a preview
  • time to finish all the requested work

General Payment steps : 

The only payment rule is that i'll will ask for the 50% of the entire price i agreed with you after i showed you the half of the work i'll have done. You also be able to ask for that half work that i'll send you after the 50% payment; and you'll have all the copyrights on it.

Single 3D model steps :

If the work consist on one unique model, then we will proceed in these simple steps : 

  1. project discussion by mail
  2. Agreement by mail
  3. preview in Web Browser of the final work
  4. Wait for your payment 
  5. The final model is Send to your adress with a download link
  6. I provide support for anything related to the model (animation/texture retouch/recolor/rework, other format than FBX  export if possible)